Providing Comprehensive Solutions For Servicing Consumer Loans.

An online lending and customer relationship management system specifically built for Tribal lending and eCommerce enterprises.  Better Day Solutions provides Tribal Lending and eCommerce Entities a platform to manage the marketing, underwriting and servicing of their consumer loan portfolios.

Our mission is to empower American Indian and Alaskan Native economies in the export of consumer financial products to American consumers through sophisticated technologies and tribal regulatory advantages – driving down costs to consumers while increasing income and economic opportunities within the communities we serve.



Proprietary software that automates the acquisition of consumer accounts including marketing and underwriting; and, streamlines the processing, servicing and reporting for loan portfolios.

Underwriting and Analytics Services

Response/Risk/Profitability/Conversion/Fraud Models by marketing channel: direct mail, affiliate network, SEM, etal.

Reporting & Business Intelligence


KPI monitoring and reporting with custom API’s available for popular general ledger and financial dashboard platforms.


Marketing & Communication Services


Agency representation; creative development; direct mail; lead generation; SMS, etal.

Management & Support Services

Call Center Support; Regulatory Code Development; Training; Compliance; Investor Relations.

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